Zimbabwe Cricket has gone crazy

Tinashe Panyangara celebrates the wicket of Andrew Poynter of Ireland during an ICC T20 World Cup match on March 17, 2014 in Sylhet, Bangladesh. (Photo by Pal Pillai-IDI / IDI via Getty Images)

So I’ve tried to keep my head up. Nolonga. Zimbabwe Cricket has basically been playing rubbish for a while now. Our organization has been poor, and I don’t think anyone in charge is really focused on winning anything.

Look, the current national cricket team coach, Steve Mangongo, has never played a single international cricket match. Now that we’ve fired selector Wayne James, the only man in the current selection structures with international experience, we have a serious dearth of XP at the top level.

But that doesn’t matter. What does is that Mangongo and Givemore Makoni (chief selector, feck-all international XP) are running Zim cricket like their own little tuckshop.

Tell me something; does it make sense that Tinashe Panyangara, who shared a video of Australia’s Mitchell Johnson bowling with a WhatsApp group of Zim cricketers, gets fined $1,000 and expelled from the national team?

A resurgent Panyangara, who has been bowling well (if not fast) in a team struggling to field players with experience and (bowling) control?

“Choki”, who I admittedly play a bit of pool with quite often, is an asset for Zimbabwe cricket. At this stage, with Australia and South Africa around and a dearth of talent to compete with the two best ODI sides in the world, we can’t afford to run the national cricket team like a rural tuckshop.

Someone needs to rein in our selectors before Zimbabwe becomes Takashinga Cricket Club by another name. Zim cricket is struggling and we need all the ball control we can get.

We can’t afford to be fecking idiots about a cricketer sharing a cricket video with fellow cricketers. They’re players, they banter. Grow up, guys!

We’re shooting ourselves in the proverbial feet and I won’t take it lying down. Before we have yet another player revolt on our hands, let’s stop running cricket like our personal club.

We appreciate Mangongo and Makoni’s development efforts (and successes), but where running the national side is concerned, they’re painfully out of their depth.

I haven’t even spoken about Wilsons and Wilfreds and Metbanks and sponsors and rentals and $7 entries etc.

Guys, this is a national team, stop fecking around and treating it like your bedrooms.

We’re watching you.


4 Replies to “Zimbabwe Cricket has gone crazy”

  1. So you still think Yvonne on Star FM was talking nonsense for calling out the Takashinga mafia? $7 is not a lot to watch first class cricket. The nose bleeds and rest of ground are cheap. you could sit there. BTW yesterday for SA v AUS peeps packed the $7 seating.

    1. I never said Yvonne was talking nonsense about Takashinga mafia. Secondly $7 is far too much, just because people are paying it doesn’t make it any less exorbitant. Thirdly I know, I was there all day.

  2. as a professional cricketer in zimbabwe its sad to see how other people have run down things as a result of their greed and arrogancy. first mangongo is not qualified yet alone good enough, respectable as a cricketer to coach our national team,makoni knows nothing and each time he cannot do anything good he has to use an excuse about racism. Give the game to its owners the cricketers, mangongo,makoni and crew know nothing about cricket failed cricketers in their own capacity and blame a system coz of their arrogancy and kusagona its sad

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